Governor Vacancies


Information about becoming a Governor. If a vacancy arises, we will make this known via the newsletter.

Becoming a Governor is not only a very rewarding experience; it is also considered a very valuable commitment by many employers. In addition to fulfilling the expectations of a Governor, there are lots of training opportunities which would further enhance your professional development.  The Board of Governors and Academy staff work together as a team, aiming to give the children of Streetsbrook the very best educational experiences they can.  Joining this team would provide you with a valuable opportunity to be more involved with the strategic development of the Academy and the children’s education.

Below are some attachments and information that detail the level of commitment expected from Governors - we ask that you seriously consider these expectations before submitting a nomination.

Parent Governor
This is a four year term of office with an immediate start date. Parents or carers of registered children at the time of the election may apply. Parent Governors may continue to hold office until the end of their term of office, even if their child leaves the school. As a Parent Governor you will be assigned to one or two committees dependent on your skills base. Parent Governors are representative parents rather than representatives of parents. The Governoring Body is not a forum in which to raise complaints or grievances from parents or children, such issues are raised via the Parent Partnership Team or by contacting Mrs Minter directly.

Co-Opted Governor
The term of office is four years, with an immediate start date. A Co-Opted Governor is a person appointed by the governing body and who, in the opinion of the governing body, has the skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school.

Governors are expected to:
Prepare for meetings by reading all paperwork beforehand
Attend Full Governing Body meetings (one per term)
Attend assigned Committee Meetings (one or two per term).
Actively fulfil duties in relation to the area of responsiblity to which you are assigned, such as Health & Safety, SEND, Sports Premium, etc.
Actively fulfil duties in relation to your responsibility linked to our 2017-18 priorities detailed in the School Improvement Plan
Training - you would be expected to attend New Governor courses as well as those applicable to your role
Abide by the Code of Conduct (eg confidentiality/ use of social media etc)
Undertake a DBS check
Show a commitment to promoting British Values

Please note: Meetings usually start at 5.30pm and take place on Thursdays.
Governor attendance at meetings is monitored and scrutinised regularly
Governor details are recorded nationally on the Government's GIAS website

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Code of Conduct
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Roles & Responsiblities
DfE Governance Handbook
Training Overview
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